I have a good idea for you. Read a bad book.

An example is Christopher Hitchen’s God is Not Great. This book is quite ridiculous if you ask me. I couldn’t even finish it. The sloppy research methods, weak attempt at reason, and lacking biblical knowledge make the book a bad attempt at representing the atheism Hitchen’s is pitching to.

But people read this book. Shortly after its release God is Not Great reached to # 2 on the Amazon bestselling list and #1 on NewYork Times Best Sellers list in its third week. So you might not be reading this, but your friends may be.

Paul knew what his friends were reading! A good example is Acts 17. Paul is addressing the Areopagus. Nearly very single point he makes about God in 17:22-34 directly contrasts the views of those present. How does this happen? Paul knew what they believed before he showed up. You might say, “he read their books.”

Read this book and you will see how many people in the world view Christianity. It will help you as you speak to people about the truth of God and his Word.

For His Glory,